A New Garden for Residents – July 2012

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Work has commenced in the creation of a special garden to the side of Anderson’s.  This secure garden will be available for all residents but it’s design will focus on our Dementia residents primarily.  Both Harrison and Ogilvie will have direct access to the garden from their lounge area decking and a wide gradual ramp to the garden itself.

This project demonstrates the importance and usefulness of our unit meetings involving staff and relative participation as this is where the initial discussions took place.

If anyone has any ideas on a name for our new garden please use the link below to email Andersons direct.


Some suggestions to date:-

1.  “Hogilvie Garden” which combines the Harrison and Ogilvie Units.

2.  “Memory Garden”  The reason/thoughts for this one centres around dementia (memory loss) and the fact that we want items that will stimulate residents’ memories e.g. bus stop; washing line……..  We could go a step further and suggest that loved ones may, if they wish, contribute a plant or item to this garden in memory of a former resident.



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