Andersons High Tea – 31 March 2013

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I had the pleasure of attending the above event and took my mother along as a special treat.

We were welcomed with open arms and before long were spoilt with hot tea and warm toast which was soon to be followed with a delightful evening meal.

The atmosphere was lovely with tranquil music playing in the background.  Joan Cowe, Anita O’Neil and all the behind the scenes staff did a fabulous job, keeping us topped up with fresh tea and light conversation.

My mother had a wonderful evening and her leaving remark was “when can I move in, I have had a lovely evening”.  She took a lovely presentation box with cakes and treats back to Glasgow the following day for the rest of my family to enjoy as although we tried we could not finish off the homebakes selection.

Around £400 was raised for Anderson’s Hall Funds and I look forward to supporting this event again next year.

Thank you all for a lovely evening.

Sharon Ireland

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