Flag will fly again at Andersons

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A BUSINESSMAN has branded thieves who stole a Union Flag from an Elgin old folk’s home “disgusting”.

Alan Duncan, owner of Seaforth Windows, saw the story on the plight of pensioners at Anderson’s in last week’s ‘Northern Scot’ and decided to help them out.

A Union Jack was flying outside the home as part of their Jubilee celebrations. However, about a fortnight ago the perpetrators lowered the flag and made off with it.

Following their appeal to have their flag back, former soldier Mr Duncan gifted one to the residents.

He said: “I just thought it was disgusting. Anderson’s has been here since I was a kid and at the end of the day I’m a local boy and it’s about time we put something back in.

“To the residents the flag is important, some of them will have fought and lived through the war.

“I’m ex-British Army and I find it totally disgusting.”

Mr Duncan has also donated £100 towards prizes for the Anderson’s residents’ Olympic celebrations, and is calling on others to do the same.

“It would be nice if local businesses put in for some prizes,” he said. “Maybe someone could donate a CCTV system.”

Mr Duncan added: “It would have been nice to have had condemnation from our local Member of Parliament because we would have heard about it if it had been the Saltire.”

He hoped anyone with knowledge of the theft would contact police.

Ninety-year-old Charlie Angus, who lives at Anderson’s, said: “It’s very good of him and much appreciated.

“It shows how many kind people there are out there in this world.”

Madeline Baker (72) added: “They’re not all bad.

“Now we have a flag for the Olympics. It will be well used.”

The flag will be raised again on July 30 as part of Anderson’s games events.

Residents will compete in teams against each other in the mini Olympics, with winners receiving prizes provided by the money donated by Mr Duncan.

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