Grandfather Clock Homecoming Cermony – 21 August 2013

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thCAXX5Y5DThe clock had been brought home the previous afternoon by the restorers so that it could rest in position and become acclimatised to it’s old familiar surroundings again before the event.   

Following delivery, the restorers did the necessary and soon the clock was ticking away contentedly and striking it’s chime every hour.  How wonderful to have the clock which had been here since 1832 working again and as for it’s old body, well, not a crack or blemish anywhere to be seen – better than new because now it can boast character!

The ceremony which marked the clock’s return was simple but meaningful. The Home Manager, Catherine Markey, thanked Kevin and Sheila West of Laich of Moray Clocks for their wonderful job in restoring the clock’s mechanism.  She then thanked Alan and Paulina of The Curiousity Shoppe, Portsoy, for the amazing restoration of the woodwork and brass fittings. Mr Laurie Stewart, son and family representative of the late Alison Stewart was thanked for the donation which funded the clock restoration project. Mr Stewart unveiled the restored clock and accompanying brass plaque in memory of his mother.


The residents’ in house choir sang “My Grandfather’s Clock” accompanied by their own resident musician/accomplished pianist, Mr Eric Golding. (Eric didn’t mind sharing that he will be 94 soon and is blind. (big round of applause)



Rev. Graham Swanson, one of Anderson’s Board of Governors, spoke a short fitting address.  He gave thanks for everything that has contributed towards making Anderson’s what it is. We remembered those that have served in, and been served by, Anderson’s in the past and a blessing was sought for the present and future of Anderson’s.

The resident’s were joined by staff and invited guests as they sang “Bless This House”.

Yet another masterpiece cake had been created especially for the event by Lorna Robinson.

SAM_0494The celebration cake was cut by Mr Hugh Carter, Chairman of the Board of Governors of Anderson’s.  Mr Carter gave a short, amusing speech which was much appreciated and finished the formal proceedings nicely.

Our catering team, led by Anita O’Neil, had prepared stunning canopies and flutes of sparkly drinks for staff to serve to everyone.

Judging by the many compliments received – the old grandfather clock had an excellent homecoming!

Catherine Markey

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