Grandfather Clock – Progress Report

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(News Item 16/04/13 refers)

We received a progress report from Laichmoray Clocks last week along with several photos.

Kevin West, proprietor of Laichmoray Clocks, informs us that the restoration is progressing well.  He said that the movement and dial have been restored and are currently being “bench tested”.  Repairs to the case are underway and cracks are currently being filled in with some missing woodwork having to be made.  Staining and polishing will begin when Alan, the expert who is dealing with the cabinet restoration, is satisfied with the repairs.

We’re unsure as to how well the photos will reproduce onto the website but a broad description is of a rather forlorn looking clock cabinet surrounded by clamps and tools – quite a busy scene really. It’s all happening!

When we get word that the clock is ready, we’ll organise a homecoming celebration party. This will be a grand affair for residents and staff and something else to look forward to in our calendar of events at Anderson’s. This one’s for the history book.

Catherine Markey, Home Manager

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