The Grandfather Clock

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The grandfather clock had been built by an Elgin clockmaker of considerable note and occupied a proud position in the main hall since Anderson’s opened it’s doors to needy people way back in 1832.

The clock was still there but nobody could remember it working and it’s poor case was all bedraggled and broken – it was still a special part of Anderson’s though. It must have witnessed many thousands of people over the centuries go about their business in the grand hall.

In March a local professional clock restorer visited Anderson’s – the clock was mentioned  to him in passing.  He took time to have a good look and his professional opinion was that the clock could be restored – at a price!                                                                          

One day, the written estimate for the restoration project came in the morning post.  That very afternoon a generous donation from an appreciative benefactor was received which was to be used for the clock restoration.

On Friday 5th April, a phone call was received to say that the clock was being picked up that morning around 11ish. Word spread round the units and soon after 10.30 a.m. residents began to gather in the hall to witness the event.  Coffee was served and at 11 o’clock the proprietors of “Laichmoray Clocks” arrived.  Kevin and Sheila West said hello to everyone and the Home Manager spoke about the history of the clock while Kevin of Laichmoray Clocks described the restoration plan. Everyone watched as the clock was slowly and carefully taken apart and the pieces wrapped very gently in cloths and put in a box before being carried out bit by bit.                                                                                 

 In the meantime the drinks trolley had been around and everyone had a drink to “toast” the clock on it’s journey. Wilma and the Craft Group in the corner started humming a tune and before long everyone was singing the old song “My Grandfather’s clock was too old for the shelf …” the spontaneous sing song seemed so appropriate and so much enjoyed, that residents requested it be sung again so it was.

“Laichmoray Clocks”  said that they would give progress reports along with pictures if possible to keep everyone in touch.  They were hopeful that the clock could be ready for return in approximately 6 weeks time.

Plans are already afoot for a welcome home party for the Grandfather Clock in the early summer. Residents’ singing group are practicing “My Grandfather’s Clock …” and the exercise class is practicing swaying like a pendulum.

Watch this space …! 



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