The Wonderful World of IT

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We could see how the introduction of an IT Suite  at Anderson’s could benefit staff with their learning but some folk may have been a ‘wee’ bit sceptical as to how the residents could benefit from something that was, after all, quite alien to them.

Well, have we got news for you ……

We have several residents who not only regularly “surf the net” but also keep in touch with friends and family by email. Residents look forward to their next lesson/session which enables them to voyage into a whole new world of discovery.

“Skype” has proved invaluable as some residents communicate by sound and vision with loved ones overseas.

A blind gentleman whose only son and his family have recently gone to live in W. Australia spoke for an hour with his family. The staff member supervising at the time said that the grandchildren were obviously elated to see their Grandfather on screen. The resident said “I felt like my family were in the same room as me …”

One of our ladies who has bought a laptop and progressing nicely with her lessons said “Through skype, my family in Melbourne, Australia were able to see round my room”

Another resident of French origin was able to catch up with an old French pal through Skype and so it goes on …

I guess the moral of this story is that you are never too old to learn.  Age and disability need not be a barrier to exploring and pursuing new activities.

Thanks to Karren our activities co-ordinator for her inspiration and  dedication  to our IT students.

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