Just Giving

Lift Fundraising - Appeal for Donations

Our charity does not often actively solicit donations, but we do need your help again with our ambition to construct a new Lift to benefit residents, staff and emergency services.

The previous Lift fundraising appeal was launched in 2019, pre COVID-19. Thanks to the generosity of the public, businesses and friends we raised over £100,000, shortly afterwards however the pandemic stopped all progress and construction contracts could not be finalised. All donations received were properly accounted for and ring-fenced in a special Lift Fund waiting for better times.

Now we are back to normal after COVID the Lift quotations were updated but, like many businesses, we find that material and building costs costs have risen dramatically since 2019 and we need to continue our fundraising efforts. We realise times are hard for everyone but any help from the public by way of online, postal, or in-person donations will be greatly appreciated.

Clicking on the DONATE button here will take you to our Just Giving page.

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